It's already October? Somehow, September seemed to go by without my knowledge. Due to the terrible event that happened in September for me, I'm not entirely sure how I will view this month in the future from now on, but luckily I did have some things I liked during the month.


Hello! It has been too long since I blogged. 

I usually have many excuses, and this time there are really sad reasons why I took such a long break, even if it was unexpected. Anyways, I'm trying to blog to get back into a schedule. Please bear with me as I figure everything out again. I have a lot of fun things coming up!

But first-

My boyfriend came back from his month long trip to South Korea/Guam~ He was visiting his mom and dad in Guam where they live, and then his extended family in South Korea. Since the terrible thing that happened caused me to be extremely heartbroken and sad, Oppa decided to buy me more things than I had anticipated. His cousin, Bohwa-unnie went with him and helped him pick some things out for me too.

Purikura Time ♥

Hi everyone! It's been a second since I blogged, but that is because I spent an amazing 2.5 days with one of my very best friends, Reida ♥

Reida lives about an hour away from me, and due to our busy schedules, we aren't always able to spend time together. When we do, we really try to go all out and create good memories. This time round, we made food together, played some arcade games, saw Finding Dory, and took a lot of purikura

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