Purikura Time ♥

Hi everyone! It's been a second since I blogged, but that is because I spent an amazing 2.5 days with one of my very best friends, Reida ♥

Reida lives about an hour away from me, and due to our busy schedules, we aren't always able to spend time together. When we do, we really try to go all out and create good memories. This time round, we made food together, played some arcade games, saw Finding Dory, and took a lot of purikura

Mini Review - Colourpop Lunch Money & Nillionaire

Hi loves! I recently bought some items from Colourpop because my friend from Belgium wanted the Jenn Ne Sais Quad, but Colourpop only ships to the U.S. Having my eye on a few products myself, I gladly agreed to get it for her, and then basically split the shipping costs! 

20 Things You Should Try In Your 20's

Hello friends!

I'm writing to you today as one who has been 20 for all of three months and some odd days, but there are things I've thought about recently that I wanted to share. You see, I've been haunting this earth for two decades now, which has left me in a reflective and ponderous state. I'm also a Pisces through and through- if I don't have my feet in the water, my head is in the clouds, although I wouldn't mind both simultaneously.

20 things to do in your 20s

So even though I am barely 20, I hope you don't mind if I share twenty things I feel people should try to do in their twenties.

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