Colourpop Custom Palette Review + Swatches

Hi everyone! Sorry for my sudden absence from blogging for a bit. Life just gets in the way and I was getting overwhelmed from no posts to suddenly posting 3x a week. Weak, I know, but the travel posts are being interrupted for now for a quick review on some beautiful Colourpop items I bought a bit ago.

Free Packing Checklist for a Vacation Abroad!

Hi loves! Sorry this post is not at my usual time of 7am PST. Things happened and I've been so tired because I'm working so hard to prepare for my trip to Japan! I've bought a great little suitcase, carry-on, as well as a few items for my trip and I'm ready to enter into the pre-packing stage I typically go through.

Since next week is going to be full of pre-packing business, I figured I'd include a quick, free, printable packing list so that you can follow along next week as I take you through my personal steps to packing an organized and stylish suitcase for a trip abroad!

Stay tuned for next week, and feel free to tweet me (@kyasedi) as you follow along!

7 Easy Ways to Save Money While Traveling

So you've bought the plane tickets, you booked the hotel, and you've got a few attractions planned out- so now your wallet is looking a little starved and you wouldn't mind saving a few pennies! I've got a few tips on ways to save money while traveling for you!

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