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This past weekend, I went to Reida's house, which is nearby a huuuuuuuge mall and there are always super great sales! 

The day before I went, I stopped by the 3-story Forever 21 that's located in Downtown Seattle, as they were having an additional 30% off of sale items! I bought 4 new items~

I bought this because of Mitsu's post about some trends in onee gyaru fashions~ Black & white and houndstooth are in for A/W this year, so finding this piece was nice cause I can layer it!

I also found these nice shorts! I just needed something a little bit longer so I can wear leggings with this during the school year for a more casual style.

I love love love love this shirt! Unfortunately, the girl who was bagging my items had something on her hands because there's suddenly a stain on the shirt (not visible in the picture). So I'll have to wash it out. But this is really nice because you can layer it or just wear it with shorts and a tank-top or a nice dress underneath it with tights!

I'm always into the marine style, so a light turtle-neck with blue and white border print is a plus for me! It may not be super on trend, but I like it and it was $3.50 on sale so I'm not complaining!

So the next day, I went to the mall and met up with Reida. She was looking for some new clothes for school, and me, well, I just like clothing and shopping so here are my gets!


I've never been to this store before, but I saw some trending items in the sale section (which is the section I always go to first since there will be on-trend items for great prices).

Let me say that I absolutely love these leggings to death. They were only $7!!! These kinds of leggings can get quite expensive, so I'm glad I found a cheaper alternative.

You can't really see in these photos, but the right thigh has a mesh-star insert, and the left calf has one as well. These were also $7.

This dress was only $14.50 on sale instead of being originally $30-something. It fits very nicely and is a lovely turquoise color! I even like the snake-skin belt it came with. I tend to not really like the waist belts that come with clothes, but this one is quite nice.

And one of my favourite purchases was this army green, super thin, rib-cage cut shirt for only $7! It's very thin, but I just love this thing so much. I can't wait to wear it more!


We finally have a TopShop in my area.... But luck would have it that it's a tiny one inside of Nordstrom, which means they don't have many items nor do they do the 10% student discount that a stand-alone TopShop offers. Very, very disappointing. The TopMan section was 5x bigger while the girl section was only a fraction. I wish we had just a stand-alone one... But oh well. 

TopShop has become my favourite place to purchase tights from, so with the express interest of those, Reida and I went hunting!

TopShop is generally expensive, but sometimes they have the best sales! These tights were originally $17, and I bought each for only $4! Both of these fade to black, and I think the effect is so lovely.

I was also in need of those frilled ankle socks- yes, I didn't own any before! Heresy! But yes, I also bought these. Out of my clothing haul for the weekend, these were the only full-priced items, so not bad huh?

Wondering how much I spent? Well... On clothing, I calculated that I spent....

*drum roll*


Insanity! I got a dress, 4 tops, 2 tights, 2 socks, and 2 leggings for only $94! And there are so many different outfits I can make from these.

I now proclaim myself the bargain queen!

But wait, there's more!

I also bought some pretty face masks from Uwajimaya~

I got 7 different kinds for only $10, so not bad! I've use one of them, and it worked very nicely. I can't wait to use more! I may buy some of these for a giveaway!

Also, an awesome package came in the mail!

I ordered these two boots from gojane.com and I'll review them soon! 

Overall, I think this last weekend was a good weekend for clothes shopping! Now, I won't buy anything till a week before school starts (because then my dad will help me pay hahaha yay!)

Right now, I'm trying to transition from my current job to a different due to the need for me to work closer to home, but I have a few days off for now, so I'll try and blog more!

Thank you for reading 

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