#tbt ハロウイン

A little over one year ago, my family and I went to Japan! During the time we chose to go, Halloween was happening! As you well-know, people in Japan go hard during Halloween. Just take a look at the Halloween tag from TokyoFashion.com and you'll see what I mean!

I only have 3 photos to share, so nothing as grand and great as the ones from TokyoFashion.com, but they're my throwback Thursday moment ♥

Japan 2012 - Highlights

Hi guys! These photos are so late, but I just wanted to share a few pictures I took of some stuff in Japan. I'll do some more in-depth posts about it later, once I get more photos from my dad and my dad's boyfriend! For now, enjoy some autumn Japan photos!

In Shinjuku, the girl on the left was a zombie, and the girl on the right was a devil. I couldn't get front-facing picture without being creepy, so sorry!

This place, alook, was really amazing! I will be doing a review on them actually.

My brother got some nice purin, so I took a picture.

MisuDo was doing a Hello Kitty/Halloween donut collaboration, so my brother and I chose these nice strawberry donuts with chocolate face details!

A super amazing fish from Churaumi Aquarium! I'll do a post with tons of photos from there soon.

This was actually the first thing we did in Japan- visit shrines and the Great Buddha in Kamakura~ It was amazing how many devoted Buddhists from around the world where there, praying and burning incense.

We also went to go see the Golden Buddha, which my dad took photos of, even though he's not supposed to. I, following the rules, took pictures elsewhere on the grounds.

I fell in love with milk tea while in Japan, and the Marie Milk Tea was just too cute to not buy every time I saw it!

Panoramic view of the beach from Churaumi Aquarium.

Street in Okinawa, look at it! It's like smooth :o

Panoramic view from a wall of Shuri-jo Castle.

Golden Hello Kitty at Itsukushima Island.

Skeletal remains of the Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall

One of the intricate designs by various schools all over Japan, and the world that accompanies the famous paper cranes. These are all in dedication to Sadako, who wished for world peace.

Children's Peace Monument with Sadako holding a paper crane on top.

3-year old girl entering Heian Jingu Shrine in her ceremonial kimono.

View of Tokyo Sky Tree is Asakusa from a friend's apartment. It takes only 5 minutes to walk there from her place!

What greeted us as we got off the plane at Haneda Airport when we arrived first.... So true. All of Japan touched my heart once more.

I'll do more posts later on Japan! Even though it's super late! 

Love you guys~ ♥