All We Do OOTD

Hi there! Wow, I'm actually posting hahahaha. After being gone for so long, and with the prospect of actually having a decent working computer soon, I decided I really should try to post more often. Blogging is fun for me, but sometimes I really do get too busy. However, I'll try to post at least once a week, and sometimes more if I can!

These are some OOTDs of mine from the past two weeks that I wanted to share because my face hasn't been on here for a while. I also wanted to mention I'm now 19! My birthday was 2 weeks ago~

This is one of my OOTDs, even though I hadn't bought that cardigan yet. It is from H&M and was only $7~ I'm so in love with it and it's all I've been wearing recently!

Cardigan H&M//Tank top Forever 21//Shorts H&M//Tights Japan//Shoes Target//Hat claire's

There was also a pink version of the cardigan, but I decided the black one would be most versatile. I'm kinda regretting not purchasing this, but.... Oh well!

I traveled to go see my wonderful Reida~ We took a pic together, but it got blurry!

Cardigan H&M//Shirt Forever 21//Leggings Ross//Shoes Target//Bag Betsey Johnson

A OOTD for eating a belated birthday lunch with my friend~

Cardigan H&M//Dress Forever 21//Tights Target//Boots GoJane//Bag Betsey Johnson

I'm really sorry for the look on my face! I was super nervous because I wore this outfit to an interview. Yes, a job interview. I'm trying to pick up a second job to make more money, so hopefully it all works out ^^;

Dress, shoes, belt, tights Forever 21//Parka Love Culture//Bag Betsey Johnson

That's all for my recent OOTDs, loves! I'm hoping to become more confident with my body. I've gained weight and haven't been eating well or exercising enough. I am trying to get back into the swing of things, so I want to post more OOTDs so I feel more motivated to lose weight and get back in shape *sigh*

This is a picture from just under 2 years ago. I really want to get back to this! Everyone, please wish me luck!

I'll see you soon loves!

PS: I've been loving this song recently! I hope you give it a listen and enjoy it too~