Maroon Babydoll Bralette by noelebell

Hi loves!

Longtime, no see, I know. I actually have a great reason excuse for my absence, which is.... I've moved into my first apartment! I'll be updating you in another post really soon, but basically I'm living with my boyfriend in a nice little apartment and well, it's interesting! 

Buuuuuuut, this post is about an item I recently received because I won a giveaway! 

I won a voucher to noelebell's shop on etsy which features cute, hand-crocheted items which include halters and bralette tops and a few more handmade items! 

She can make bralettes for virtually any chest size and can even make thicker straps for those who need/want the support! 

I asked for the Maroon Babydoll Bralette (which is currently ON SALE at the date of this post) with thicker straps. It took about three weeks for me to receive my bralette as everything is made to order and is completely handmade by Neena, the owner and maker of everything from her shop.