Maroon Babydoll Bralette by noelebell

Hi loves!

Longtime, no see, I know. I actually have a great reason excuse for my absence, which is.... I've moved into my first apartment! I'll be updating you in another post really soon, but basically I'm living with my boyfriend in a nice little apartment and well, it's interesting! 

Buuuuuuut, this post is about an item I recently received because I won a giveaway! 

I won a voucher to noelebell's shop on etsy which features cute, hand-crocheted items which include halters and bralette tops and a few more handmade items! 

She can make bralettes for virtually any chest size and can even make thicker straps for those who need/want the support! 

I asked for the Maroon Babydoll Bralette (which is currently ON SALE at the date of this post) with thicker straps. It took about three weeks for me to receive my bralette as everything is made to order and is completely handmade by Neena, the owner and maker of everything from her shop.

The bralette came wrapped in tissue paper with a yarn tie, a puppy sticker, and a nice note along with Neena's store policies. 

The cute puppy sticker!

The bralette, all folded up nicely! 

Aaaand, fully spread out. The color is beautiful and the quality of the yarn is soft and sturdy. Neena's stiches are even and the pattern is well planned out and just lovely. You can tell this is a top-quality product by just looking at it. 

The straps are stitched securely and her scallop crochet stiches add a really feminine and cute touch to a beautiful piece.

The adjustment part in the back is set up similar to how corset strings work and is designed so the strings move easily through the loops, making it very simple to adjust the band size.

I don't have a picture of me wearing it because I don't really want a picture of my chest in the internet, but maybe I'll style this underneath a shirt and I can share it someday!

Overall, I am so pleased to have won this in the giveaway! The workmanship is top-notch and Neena was really sweet during the entire process of getting my measurements and updating me on the bralette's progression and arrival date.


DESIGN: ★★★★★ - Five stars! Sturdy, soft on the skin, feminine, and flattering
QUALITY: ★★★★★★ - Six stars! I gave a 6/5 because this is such a well-done crocheted piece.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: ★★★★★ - Five stars! Neena is sweet and talented and lovely!
PRODUCTION TIME: ★★★★★ - Considering this item is handmade to order, 1-3 weeks of production time isn't at all bad. If you're impatient, this may be something to consider, but also think of the quality and workmanship going into each piece!

Overall, I love my bralette! The color is gorgeous and it's such a great piece to have in my wardrobe. It's easy to wear around the house when I don't feel like have a wire-bra on and my boyfriend thinks it is cute, which is always a plus!

Please take a look at Neena's shop, and consider getting a cute bralette, or maybe a rainbow halter top