2017 - BALANCE

"If you asked me for my New Year Resolution, it would be to find out who I am."
- Cyril Cusack

Let's start off with saying 2016 was a really rough year. It was so hard.

I would like to forget it, but there's no way I can. So, as we all must, I'm choosing to move on.


The title of this post sounds spooky, but I could make it even spookier- Undead Looks, Risen from the Grave Looks etc. Well, it is well-past Halloween, but I've decided to raise some of my looks from the dead. These poor, neglected, and desolate makeup looks are ones that had tutorials filmed, but never edited, or pictures were taken, but never uploaded. I hope you enjoy seeing them- and if I get enough requests, I could try and actually make a tutorial for some of them (or all).


It's already October? Somehow, September seemed to go by without my knowledge. Due to the terrible event that happened in September for me, I'm not entirely sure how I will view this month in the future from now on, but luckily I did have some things I liked during the month.


Hello! It has been too long since I blogged. 

I usually have many excuses, and this time there are really sad reasons why I took such a long break, even if it was unexpected. Anyways, I'm trying to blog to get back into a schedule. Please bear with me as I figure everything out again. I have a lot of fun things coming up!

But first-

My boyfriend came back from his month long trip to South Korea/Guam~ He was visiting his mom and dad in Guam where they live, and then his extended family in South Korea. Since the terrible thing that happened caused me to be extremely heartbroken and sad, Oppa decided to buy me more things than I had anticipated. His cousin, Bohwa-unnie went with him and helped him pick some things out for me too.

Purikura Time ♥

Hi everyone! It's been a second since I blogged, but that is because I spent an amazing 2.5 days with one of my very best friends, Reida ♥

Reida lives about an hour away from me, and due to our busy schedules, we aren't always able to spend time together. When we do, we really try to go all out and create good memories. This time round, we made food together, played some arcade games, saw Finding Dory, and took a lot of purikura

Mini Review - Colourpop Lunch Money & Nillionaire


Hi loves! I recently bought some items from Colourpop because my friend from Belgium wanted the Jenn Ne Sais Quad, but Colourpop only ships to the U.S. Having my eye on a few products myself, I gladly agreed to get it for her, and then basically split the shipping costs! 

20 Things You Should Try In Your 20's

Hello friends!

I'm writing to you today as one who has been 20 for all of three months and some odd days, but there are things I've thought about recently that I wanted to share. You see, I've been haunting this earth for two decades now, which has left me in a reflective and ponderous state. I'm also a Pisces through and through- if I don't have my feet in the water, my head is in the clouds, although I wouldn't mind both simultaneously.

20 things to do in your 20s

So even though I am barely 20, I hope you don't mind if I share twenty things I feel people should try to do in their twenties.

One Dance


Hi there all~ I beg forgiveness for my absence. I was in the hospital a week ago due to some scary things happening. I'm okay right now, but I still have to follow up with a specialist doctor before I can find out any real answers. I would really like to thank all of my beautiful friends for being concerned with my well-being and checking up on me. You mean the world to me ♥

Small Beauty Haul


Hello everyone! I hope you're excited for the weekend. I know I am ♥

The other day, I decided to get myself a few goodies to celebrate resigning from my retail job and getting an extra job within the company I already work at. I'm really excited and so far, training has been really simple and easy. I'm still on the very tip of learning what it takes to work in this new position, but I am definitely determined to do a good job and work hard.

Sunnier Days Ahead


Hello, hello! Here I am! Two months later and some big changes have already happened. You may or may not have noticed that my blog name has changed from mecchakawaii to kyasedi.com. I finally decided to buy my own domain! I've been wanting to do this for quite some time, and the timing felt right so I decided to go for it!

I really hope all of you continue to support me as I figure this out! I'm sad because I use Google+ for comments and buying my own domain meant that they all were erased unfortunately. Everyone's kind words still resonate in my heart however!

Geo Nudy Brown Circle Lenses Review

Hi again! Wow, two posts so close together ♥ I'm on a good start so far!

Today I am reviewing my second pair of circle lenses that I ordered from yourbeautymagic.com!

♥ Let me take a moment to say I was not sponsored by yourbeautymagic.com to make this post and I bought everything with my own money and all thoughts/opinions are my own!

For my last review, I reviewed the Geo Fresh Brown CL, and today I will be reviewing the Geo Nudy Brown CL!

Geo Fresh Brown Circle Lenses Review

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to March! March is my birthday month, so I'm very excited to see what will happen, and I'm also happy because the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom (✿◠‿◠)

To start off my blog for this month, I'm going to share a mini review of my newest circle lenses! I bought two pairs from yourbeautymagic.com and I'm very impressed with both of them, as well as with the shopping experience itself.

♥ Let me take a moment to say I was not sponsored by yourbeautymagic.com to make this post and I bought everything with my own money and all thoughts/opinions are my own!

I'm doing a mini review on the Geo Fresh Brown lenses, which will mark my first circle lenses review~