Geo Fresh Brown Circle Lenses Review

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to March! March is my birthday month, so I'm very excited to see what will happen, and I'm also happy because the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom (✿◠‿◠)

To start off my blog for this month, I'm going to share a mini review of my newest circle lenses! I bought two pairs from and I'm very impressed with both of them, as well as with the shopping experience itself.

♥ Let me take a moment to say I was not sponsored by to make this post and I bought everything with my own money and all thoughts/opinions are my own!

I'm doing a mini review on the Geo Fresh Brown lenses, which will mark my first circle lenses review~

Geo Fresh Brown
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Type: 1 year disposable

I really enjoy these lenses! I was looking for something natural that would enlarge my eye slightly, but barely change my eye color. In other words, everyday circle lenses.

You might be able to see that the lenses themselves are 14.2mm in diameter, but the pattern does not fill the entire 14.2mm diameter. This may bug other people, but this is EXACTLY what I was hoping for.

As you may be able to see, the color of my eye is barely changed, and my iris is only slightly enlarged, leaving a very natural looking pupil and natural effect.

These lenses do not give me the "halo effect" that a lot of CL can have due to the huge diameter and pattern/color placement on the lenses. The other lenses I bought along with these do, but because I was looking for a natural, everyday, brown circle lenses, these are perfect!


COLOR: ★★★★★
COMFORT: ★★★★★
OVERALL: ★★★★★

I highly recommend these lenses! 

I would also like to mention how much I liked shopping from The selection is nice and simple (not too overwhelming, which is nice for someone like me). There is free shipping offered when a certain price point is reached in your cart, and for me, the shipping was free after $30 worth of product was added. Payment was through PayPal, which is secure and safe! The lenses came to me within 10 days, which was much faster than the projected 14-24 business days they quoted in my confirmation email. 

Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase of these lenses, and with the website I purchased them from!

Do you like natural looking circle lenses? Do you have any natural brown lenses you can recommend me to try?

I'll see you soon ♥

Thanks for reading!