Geo Nudy Brown Circle Lenses Review

Hi again! Wow, two posts so close together ♥ I'm on a good start so far!

Today I am reviewing my second pair of circle lenses that I ordered from!

♥ Let me take a moment to say I was not sponsored by to make this post and I bought everything with my own money and all thoughts/opinions are my own!

For my last review, I reviewed the Geo Fresh Brown CL, and today I will be reviewing the Geo Nudy Brown CL!

Geo Nudy Brown
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Type: 1 year disposable

I really like this CL! The halo effect is not too bad with these lenses, and I really like the color. It's just a bit more golden than my natural eye.

The limbal ring is not too dark, but it is dark enough to define a new, larger iris. 

These lens sit well on my eyes, and do not "float" which would give me a cross-eyed effect, which I do not prefer. 

The enlarging effect is noticeable! Whereas with my Geo Fresh Brown CL, the CL pattern did not extend across the entire 14.2mm, this CL clearly has a pattern that fills the entire 14.2mm.

As I bought these CL for more dramatic and gyaru (or gyaru-inspired) looks, I decided just to demo what it looks like with some simple makeup and lashes. I think it looked super pretty ♥


COLOR: ★★★★★
COMFORT: ★★★★★
OVERALL: ★★★★★

I really adore these lenses! These are great for just sprucing up your look! These are lenses that people will notice and may say something like "are those contacts???", but I don't mind! 

Again, I can't recommend enough! Fastest CL shipment I've ever received and I do like their selection and I can't wait to do another order from them soon! 

I'll see you later ♥