Mini Review - Colourpop Lunch Money & Nillionaire


Hi loves! I recently bought some items from Colourpop because my friend from Belgium wanted the Jenn Ne Sais Quad, but Colourpop only ships to the U.S. Having my eye on a few products myself, I gladly agreed to get it for her, and then basically split the shipping costs! 

I think everyone knows about Nillionaire and Lunch Money, but I just had to get my hands on something from Colourpop. I'm glad that this brand has taken off the way it has cause these products are amazing ♥

I'm so in love with these products. Literally, the consistency is like butter! I'm hoping Colourpop goes international with shipping so overseas peoples can enjoy them.

I bought Nillionaire as a recommendation from a YouTuber named Mei. She featured it in her December 2015 Favorites video, and I finally bought it. It's sparkly and gorgeous! I really think this color is perfect for an all-over mobile lid and it's easy to just throw on.

So many people seem to swear by Lunch Money as an amazing highlighter, and in this era of glow, it seems almost mandatory to have this in your makeup kit. I'm actually not entirely sure how I feel about this highlighter yet. I do like it, but do I love it? Not entirely sure yet.

As you can see, Lunch Money definitely glows and Nillionaire is packed with sparkles. Overall, for the price ($11 for both, not including shipping), I'm extremely satisfied with these items.

Do you have anything from Colourpop? Any products you cannot live without?