One Dance


Hi there all~ I beg forgiveness for my absence. I was in the hospital a week ago due to some scary things happening. I'm okay right now, but I still have to follow up with a specialist doctor before I can find out any real answers. I would really like to thank all of my beautiful friends for being concerned with my well-being and checking up on me. You mean the world to me ♥

Anyways, I was playing with my makeup tonight, intending to film a tutorial. Instead, I went down the more gyaru route! I had fully intended to go more of a dolly look than anything, but then I wanted to do a wing, and one thing led to another, and well.... This look was born.

I'm by NO means as talented or have very clean makeup by many gaijin gyaru standards. Gaijin means "foreigner" in Japanese, so western gals are often referred to as gaijin gyaru. I really hope you lovelies don't mind if I post some more of my attempts here in the future ♥

Well, that's all for now ♥ I'll see you very soon!