Purikura Time ♥

Hi everyone! It's been a second since I blogged, but that is because I spent an amazing 2.5 days with one of my very best friends, Reida ♥

Reida lives about an hour away from me, and due to our busy schedules, we aren't always able to spend time together. When we do, we really try to go all out and create good memories. This time round, we made food together, played some arcade games, saw Finding Dory, and took a lot of purikura

What is purikura you ask? Purikura is romaji for "print club". Basically, they're tiny photos taken in a photobooth and then you can do rakugaki which means "free scribble" or in terms of purikura, decoration! There are always new puri machines coming out in Japan. Two of my favorite vloggers/bloggers/gals twins Emi & Lea make vlogs of their daily life in Japan, and frequently show us new machines they've tried out. They recently checked out a Barbie purikura machine

All gyaru know that a night out on the town should include the mandatory stop by a puri machine to get cute pictures of their outfits and makeup. Reida and I decided we wanted to try doing gyaru, but casual rocker style.

We took a lot of pictures!

Your eyes become meccha meccha big in the photos. You can choose from natural, to bright, to glamorous size in the machines and we of course chose the biggest size.

Adding our names is also an option nearly all machines have these days!

We're fortunate to have a Round 1 near us that has machines that are not only working, but also fairly up to date.

This machine made us look more tan. Perfect for gyaru style!

We really liked this photo!

We took more puri the next day in our GazettE Dogmatic TROIS World Tour shirts. Reida is wearing her VIP shirt and I'm wearing my wonderful MALUM shirt.

The machines also have a setting to make your legs look longer and slimmer- hence why I have no butt in this photo haha. 

This was our favourite photo of course! ★GAZEROCK IS NOT DEAD★

We're bangya for life! 

Can you blame us Sixth Guns for our love of the GazettE nearly infecting everything we do ♥

So what do you guys think? Would you try purikura if you had a machine near you, or if you visited Japan? I think it makes a cheap, fun, and easy memory to have!