Hello! It has been too long since I blogged. 

I usually have many excuses, and this time there are really sad reasons why I took such a long break, even if it was unexpected. Anyways, I'm trying to blog to get back into a schedule. Please bear with me as I figure everything out again. I have a lot of fun things coming up!

But first-

My boyfriend came back from his month long trip to South Korea/Guam~ He was visiting his mom and dad in Guam where they live, and then his extended family in South Korea. Since the terrible thing that happened caused me to be extremely heartbroken and sad, Oppa decided to buy me more things than I had anticipated. His cousin, Bohwa-unnie went with him and helped him pick some things out for me too.

I was really startled by how much he had bought for me and really touched because he picked out things he knew I would like. 

I had no idea that Dreamworks characters were big enough to have sheet masks in SK, but apparently they are! Shrek, Puss, and Po are all character masks, the Penguin is a hydrogel mask, and Fiona is a 2 step lifting mask. I've never actually done any types of these masks before, so I'm so excited to try them out. I think I'm gonna try out Shrek after this blog post while I play my video game haha!

According to Bohwa-unnie, these masks, especially the red one, are super popular and good in SK right now. I'm so excited to try them out and see if if they give me good results, although I'm more inclined to save these for just before bigger events.

Can you believe that even though I've shopped at Japanese drugstores for drugstore makeup, I've never tried the Heroine Makeup brand before? I could never justify a hefty price tag for a mascara, but Oppa said this mascara was on sale so he decided to grab it for me. Bohwa-unnie picked out the Etude House blush and Peripera Peri's Ink Stick for me. I'm really excited to use these products and I intend to do a review on the lipstick soon.

Last, but not least, Oppa found this hair dye for me since I want to try going blonde. We're a little worried because my hair is so long that one package may not cover all of my hair ;; so I might be trying to order a second box before I attempt to use it. If and when I do, I want to try and write a review on it.

Well, for now that's all~ Have any of you recently found any good SK beauty or skincare products? How about local products?

I love all of you and have a good day