It's already October? Somehow, September seemed to go by without my knowledge. Due to the terrible event that happened in September for me, I'm not entirely sure how I will view this month in the future from now on, but luckily I did have some things I liked during the month.

Due to my bout of depression and sadness, I wasn't really doing too much in terms of beauty or fashion really, but I did find a few things that worked out well.

My absolute favorites for the month of September!

Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water is something I've been using since it first came out, and I really love it. I stopped using it during August, but resumed during September. I found this natural duo of hand sanitizer and hand cream at my grandpa's local grocery store while I was in Idaho. I really like the smell of them and they were small so I could take them in my carry-on on the plane rides home.

I bought my Smashbox Double Exposure palette a while ago for a super great deal (less than $20- brand new from a department store!), and I think that when I have been wearing makeup, I found myself reaching for this palette a lot. It has all the right colors for almost any look I want to do. The burgundy headband was really abused during September, and featured itself in a lot of my selfies. Something tells me this will continue into October.

While in Idaho, I also picked up the black faux snake skin clutch that I barely photographed for only $2 from Old Navy. It fits my iPad mini in there really well which is a plus for me! I also tried an organic lavender lotion which smelled nice and soothed me during some moments of bad anxiety. This fruity tea from Tetley also really helped to calm me down too. I found it on a good sale while in Idaho and couldn't resist trying it. Recently, I've been loving fruity & floral teas more than my usual just straight black teas.

And to finish up this post, I recently fell in love the French mid 60's-early 70's music genre called ye-ye. France Gall and Francoise Hardy are currently playing nearly 24hrs a day for me!

What were some of your favorites from September?