2017 Planner - Happy Planner

Hi there! I decided today's blog post would be on something I've been pretty passionate about for the past half year- planning! About one year ago, I bought my first Happy Planner, and I didn't really use it at first because it was more of an impulse buy at the time. Then, I started realizing the value of having a planner that I liked to decorate and make pretty. I previously used a super cute purple Rilakkuma planner, but then I filled it all up and the local Korean store I bought from wasn't selling it anymore.

I've been using planners ever since I was first introduced and assigned to use them in middle school... If only my teachers knew what a creative outlet and tool they handed me on the first day of 6th grade.

Christmas 2016 Haul


First and foremost, Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful start to their new year. I can say I was a bum at home, watching Return of Superman, and the only celebration I really did was kissing my boyfriend at 12am haha. Anyways, let's move on to a few of the gifts I got for Christmas ♥