2017 Planner - Happy Planner

Hi there! I decided today's blog post would be on something I've been pretty passionate about for the past half year- planning! About one year ago, I bought my first Happy Planner, and I didn't really use it at first because it was more of an impulse buy at the time. Then, I started realizing the value of having a planner that I liked to decorate and make pretty. I previously used a super cute purple Rilakkuma planner, but then I filled it all up and the local Korean store I bought from wasn't selling it anymore.

I've been using planners ever since I was first introduced and assigned to use them in middle school... If only my teachers knew what a creative outlet and tool they handed me on the first day of 6th grade.

I find if I don't plan out my week, I forget to do things. I also don't feel as motivated when I don't sit down to plan things out. 

My previous planner is the floral one, and it's still good until December, but I figured a fresh start in a new planner would be really nice for me. What's great about Happy Planners is that the rings on the binding allow you to remove pages, covers, and insert extra pieces of paper or change the covers. In fact, you can even buy the special hole punch for this planner so you can add your own, customized inserts!

This was my spread for the new year in my old planner. It looks cute, but do you see how the weekend has a green background for the boxes? I don't like that, since I typically design my planner with a decoration style called "white space planning", meaning I leave large white spaces to fill up with handwriting and smaller stickers. 

However, as you can see, my new planner doesn't have that issue where some of the boxes are randomly colored! That was my biggest motivation in buying this planner. It also doesn't have as much decoration on the bottom border as my old planner did (it's on some pages, but only small bits).

Plus the monthly dividers are really cute! I just love this "daily essentials" divider for the month of April. If this doesn't subconsciously motivate my April theme for this year, I don't know what will haha.

So far, I've only really personalized it by putting my name on the front page with some nice gold stickers I found at the craft store.

I'm hoping to make some more planner related posts because it's a fairly big part of my life these days and has been helping me stay motivated and more cheerful!

Do you use a planner? Or do you want to start, but don't know how? Let me know ♥