Christmas 2016 Haul


First and foremost, Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful start to their new year. I can say I was a bum at home, watching Return of Superman, and the only celebration I really did was kissing my boyfriend at 12am haha. Anyways, let's move on to a few of the gifts I got for Christmas ♥ 

First, I should mention the great cart that everything is sitting on. My boyfriend got that for me from Ross and I love it! The back row of plushies weren't Christmas gifts, but Reida did win them for me, so I can consider them gifts haha. She got me some amazing candles (can you tell which one I've been burning the most?). 

She also got me this fantastic bathbomb from Lush. I've yet to use it since it's just so pretty, it almost breaks my heart! The Giorgio Armani Code perfume in the back was gift from one of the parent's at the daycare I work at. Can you believe it???

The pineapple ring holder is a gift to myself from me, and the lipsticks were bought by Oppa ♥ I'll have a review on those coming up soon!

These are some of the gifts Jordan gave to me.

She specifically bought a few of these items with my March trip to Japan in mind, so I can't thank her enough! The tiny micellar water is absolutely cute and the Tony Moly nose strips are so amazing. Again, there will be a review up on those soon too. 

What's so funny about her gift from Lush is that it's the same bathbomb Reida gave me! I'm glad my friends can see something and instantly think of me in terms of gift giving.

 How did your Christmas and New Year's go? Any favorite gifts or goals you care to share?