Colourpop Custom Palette Review + Swatches


Hi everyone! Sorry for my sudden absence from blogging for a bit. Life just gets in the way and I was getting overwhelmed from no posts to suddenly posting 3x a week. Weak, I know, but the travel posts are being interrupted for now for a quick review on some beautiful Colourpop items I bought a bit ago.

First is this great custom palette. Basically, there were 2 promotions going on where if you purchased 4 pressed pigments, you would get the empty palette for free, and then if you entered in a code, you'd get one of the pigments, Milli, for free!

So I only had to buy 3 of the pigments to complete a full palette.

Here they are swatched. As usual, all of them have a great application and wear beautifully. I find them extremely easy to blend, and they go on vibrantly, even without a primer as you can see swatched.

This Summer Lovin' supershock eyeshadow was 20% off, so I added it (mostly for the free shipping!)

But I don't regret it, as you can see it's suuuuper sparkly. Of course, it's buttery smooth and wears well!

I had heard really good things about their gel eyeliner, so I decided to try it out. I'm really happy to say it's just as good as I've heard! A very tiny bit goes a looooooooong ways, it's super black, and sets very fast so you don't have to worry about smudging.

Lastly, I bought a lippie primer. This has been soooooo amazing! I've been using it under all of my matte lipsticks, and it really keeps everything in place. I'm truly astonished by how well this producth as increased the longevity of my matte liquid lipsticks.

Do you have any favorite Colourpop items? Let me know!