February Theme - Travel Prep!

Hi everyone ♥

I think I may have mentioned it here, or not, but in March I'll be going to Japan for 2 weeks with my bestie, Reida. Since it's February 1st, that means I only have 34 days till I leave!

I love to travel, and I hope you do too. Actually, what excites me more than traveling sometimes is the preparations that go into traveling. I love going over TSA guidelines (this isn't a joke, I'm just a sad person haha), packing and re-packing my carry-on, suitcase, and toiletry bags, as well as researching weather, activities, and must-see spots at my destination!

Since I'm going to Japan, my travel prep posts will be geared towards things to do in Japan, certain customs I think are important to know of, as well as some travel vocabulary! Not only will this help me get reacquainted with all of the Japanese I've lost touch with, it may also help someone else out who's going to Japan for the first, third, or maybe 18th time!

I hope you'll enjoy this series, and stick around to see all of it! March, of course, will just be full of actual travel posts ♥