7 Easy Ways to Save Money While Traveling


So you've bought the plane tickets, you booked the hotel, and you've got a few attractions planned out- so now your wallet is looking a little starved and you wouldn't mind saving a few pennies! I've got a few tips on ways to save money while traveling for you!

1. Plan ahead of time! "Fail to plan, plan to fail", this is a mantra I have repeating in my head over and over again, and how could it not apply to planning for a trip? You will always save more money, not to mention time, if you do pre-planning for a trip. Look up all of the activities you want to do, and keep an eye out for package deal (be wary of these at the same time), or maybe switch your itinerary if there are better deals on certain days. Be flexible when it comes to planning, but once your plans have been made, stick to them!

2. Carry cash! Carrying cash means you can physically see how much money you've spent vs how much you have left. Using a card, you can't physically see the money leaving your hands, so using cash will mean you are less likely willing to part with it.

3. School IDs! Are you a current high school or college student? There's a good chance that your valid ID can get you a discount at places like museums, or even big chain stores. It doesn't hurt to carry it and see if a store will give discounts to students.

4. Passports! Certain stores will allow you to use your passport to get either a discount, or tax free items. Not all stores will have this option, but as many people walk around with their passport, it doesn't hurt to check if a shop will do it.

5. Avoid tourist traps! Obviously, tourist-heavy areas will hike up their price tags for goods, attractions, even pictures! Try to avoid going to the heavy tourist areas, and check out the neck of the woods where locals go to appreciate beauty or a scenic sight to save a few bucks.

6. Street food! Street food is an art form- perfectly delicious in all the best (and worst- calorie-wise) ways, fast, and cheap! I can't recommend street food enough. Not only does eating street food give you a cheap, literal taste of the country you're visiting, but it's also handy on the go! 

7. Don't waste your money on frivolities! Is it cute? Sure. Is it super cheap? You bet! Will it last? I'm not sure.... Will I use it when I get home? Hmmm.... This should be your thought process when you pick up those cute earrings that cost only $1 in your home currency, but could break in an instant, or be a useless bauble at the bottom of your suitcase with the crumpled up receipts and lint by the time you get home. Just keep it in mind~

I hope these tips will help you on your travels. How do you stay thrifty while traveling? Let me know in the comments below!