I'm attending Denver's Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend and since my yukata is out of commission, the best I can do is just try to incorporate as many of my yukata accessories into my outfits for the weekend. Of course, I want to flex my gyaru makeup and hair muscles as they've sat in the dust for a little too long!

Anyone else miss the old Tsubasa? Her style was so unique and cute. I still love her, but sometimes she looks a little plain.... That aside, there's a few key general points when wearing a yukata for women! 

First, yukata are typically light cotton robes, not to be confused with the heavier silk kimono. Yukata are more casual and thus are worn during hotter weather, or when lounging at home or maybe at a ryokan! Of course, there are specific types of yukata to wear out- these will typically be colorful and slightly thicker than roomwear yukata.

You typically want the hair of the nape of your neck. This stems from apparently the nape of the neck being considered erotic in Japan in "ye olden times", but is now just the mainstream accepted way to wear your hair with yukata. Besides have geta (you actually want your outer toes/foot hanging off slightly!), and a nice obi (either one you knotted yourself, or a tsukuri obi, one that is pre-tied), the yukata is the most important part! 

If you wanna look youthful, choose large and bright prints. More formal/mod style kimono will be minimal in pattern, sometimes it's so small the yukata looks as if it's just a solid color.

Aside from having the basics, adding accessories to your obi is extremely popular- and it's not even new! There are many traditional obi accoutrements that have existed for centuries, but they are typically worn for religious or ceremonial purposes. These days, sparkly, lacy, blingy, and hecka kawaii accessories are wide spread and often used to elevate your yukata and kimono to the next level.

Some personal faves of mine will be pearls, bows, delicate chains, and small, colorful kimekomi!

Although these are furisode, a type of kimono, just look at those cute hairstyles and the simple, but sweet makeup!

Don't be afraid to really play with your hair too! Obviously, gyaru is a head-to-toe kind of commitment when styling a look, but wearing yukata is even more so as it's a fun outfit, but it is indeed only a few core pieces while accessories and a nice hair + makeup style will really add to it!

Hope you enjoyed a small overview of some of the important styling themes for gyaru in yukata!

is it just me, or does this post feel almost old school, like 2013? I miss these kinds of blog posts, so I'll do more!!!