This post is so long over-due, I'm almost hesitant to post it, but I figured I might as well since this will be a good way for me to look back on my trip with Reida and my beautiful friends as much as possible!

For those of you who didn't know, I went to Japan for 2 weeks to celebrate the GazettE's 15th Anniversary and my 21st birthday! It was honestly so much fun and even though it was stressful in the beginning, it got a lot better at the end and I was reminded why I love Japan and have it as my future goal to move there and possibly start a career one day!

But enough of that rambling and time for just a long photo dump. Some of the photos were taken by Reida too, who let me use them.

Before we get too into it, follow Reida on her social media, since she has pictures from our trip too!


And now, for a photo dump.... These are so out of order, and I'm honestly not going to apologize for that!

Reida and I messing around in Shibuya

Continuing to mess around in Shibuya

At ROCKAHOLIC, where we basically just headbanged the entire time and I WAS FINE WITH IT CAUSE IT WAS AMAZING!

Still drunk after ROCKAHOLIC, doing member calls at the empty, famous X crossing in Shibuya lmao

With the sweet and amazing Sally before... or maybe after the anniversary. All I know is that she and I went up to each other after the live ended and cried, and hugged and I miss her.

Some wiggly, fluffy sakura french toast! Going to Japan during cherry blossom season is literally one valid reason to go visit Japan.


We did puri on my birthday and it gave me no eyebrows, so we called it Aoi Style!

Taking selfies of babes taking selfies of them with the WT outfits.

Food we had when we met up with the amazingly sweet Christine!

More amazing french toast!

Living my best life at ROCKAHOLIC

On the Shinkansen to Osaka!

I CAUGHT ONE OF KAI'S DRUMSTICKS- MY BIAS, MY BABE, MY DADDY, MY SWEETHEART! Reida literally fell to the ground to help me get his attention. We were row 11 and it was perfect for the staging. Reida is ride or die, y'all *fist emoji*

With my other hafu, my sister Jeska and Reida- all looking appropriately dead and disheveled after the live!

With Sarah on her last night in Japan- I was too drunk to cry when she said goodbye, but please know my kokoro was crying ♥

With Jeska, before the anniversary had started.

Tower Records was a must-see the entire trip! We got some cute streamer holders for the streamers from the 15th! Also, this photo makes me look so tall haha.


With my grandpa, cousin, and one of my aunts! I love my family!

After I had caught the drumstick and the members went backstage before the 2nd encore. Reida, seriously, is the MVP cause she literally did fall for me. I can't say it enough.

From the best night ever at ROCKAHOLIC

And finally, doing adult things at a coin laundry in Osaka! 

Luckily for you (if you're still here), Reida took video and has made a few vlogs!

Yoyogi was the venue, and you can see the nice display Tower Records had for Traces Vol 2 (which I didn't like except for Taion- sorry, not sorry :P)

Reida's live report!

Where we stayed in Nakano, via airbnb! Definitely recommend Nakano as a place to stay as it had a lot of easy access to Harajuku, Shinjuku, and Shibuya! Basically, it was only 2 JR trains to get to where Reida and I wanted to be while we were in Tokyo.

And finally a small vlog from my chill birthday in Tokyo! I wanted an easy day, and that's what we both needed. My neck was still hurting like crazy after all the headbanging done at the anni (seriously, it felt like Kantou went on for 30 minutes?!)

I hope y'all enjoyed this really late, and fairly long photo dump! I want to share my tiny, tiny haul of GazettE goods that I now own (mostly thanks to Reida, who seems to have taken it upon herself to make sure I do not go wanting [even though I'm actually not]).

See you later!