5 MUAs That Inspire Me

Hi everyone! I have recently begun to dabble in trying to be more creative with my makeup looks. Former looks I have done have included these...

So. I'm obviously not the biggest stranger to color or trying to make my makeup look a little different.


I've been trying to break my own personal rules on makeup recently.

A Hide-san inspired look (RIP)

This last look is something I never would have done, and I think it even looks a little bit gruesome in some aspects (like I have some sort of mouth infection haha), but that's okay! Like I said, I've been trying to break my own rules, and there have been a few MUAs who have inspired me in that journey... 

First, one of my absolute faves, Michelle/Sherliza Moe

I find her work to be stunning, and it only makes sense that she is a designer of some rather interesting accessories.

Here is my fave video of hers

Next is another designer (surprise, right?)- Hanaquist

She makes all of her costumes herself, which is so amazing! The struggle of many times not having the right costume to match your makeup is real- so this is so cool to see how far her artistry extends!

Also, check out this article where she got her mom and dad into drag, it's really amazing!

Drac Makens has to make my list! 

Yes, she's goth and yes, I did choose one of her more colorful looks to feature- because I love it so much.

Here's the tutorial for this look- but there are so many from her that you really should stick around on her channel for a few videos. None of them disappoint!

Ditteschaal, who's work you've no doubt seen on Instagram somewhere is my next inspiration for sure!

Her lips are famous, but her eye looks are just so utterly inspiring. I love how beautiful everything is that she creates!

And last, but definitely and absolutely not least is workingwithmonolids, who's work I find to be as equally important as I do inspiring.

Monolids are often seen as areas that cannot be used as a creative canvas in makeup- oftentimes monolids are just told to do sweet, simple eyes or smokey eyes, and we really don't get to see much variation in that mold. However, Francesca really has shown monolids are just as equal to other types of eyes for the creative canvas of makeup!

Who are some MUAs that inspire you to step out of your comfort-zone, make-up-wise, a little bit?