Yeah, it happened again- I disappeared for more than a few weeks. It's actually been a few months.

Here's a quick low-down on what's happened in my life:

- went to Japan for 2 weeks in March, and had a truly amazing time
- made the huge decision to move to Colorado
- moved to Colorado
- been here for one month
- a lot has happened (already!)


A lot.

Anyways, I can definitely say the first few months of being 21 have been interesting so far (oh, yeah- I turned 21 while I was in Japan, haha!). 

So what have I been up to in my day-to-day life?

Well, for one, the main reason I moved to Colorado was to save money up while I babysit my cousins for my uncle and aunt. Then, I've been already having an interesting hair journey...

From going blonde (all done on my own)...

To cutting off about 13in of hair...

To going green for about 4 days, haha...

To DIY-ing a split hair dye job! I've had this hair for about a week, but since I swim a lot in pools, the color is fading. So I figure it's just safest to go back to blonde since I really enjoyed it.

Anyways, for now, that's really all of my updates. I will do a photo-dump here of all the pictures from Japan in my next post. 

Till then, here are some selfies of random things I've been up to!

Make-up inspired by hide-san (RIP)

First reppin' photo in Colorado.

And some make-up I did to try and express how I've been feeling recently.

See you soon~