Hello, lovelies! With summer in it's last stretch, I can definitely feel my skin kinda begging for cooler weather. All the heat and summertime activities (exercising outdoors, swimming etc) have left my skin reddened, dry, and with some acne due to the heat and sweating.

What's a gal to do?

DIY a super beneficial, 4 ingredient face mask of course! 

This mask includes honey, matcha, and tea tree essential oil as the main stars! The fourth ingredient is basically my carrier oil of choice- I'll explain this more in just a second!

First, let's get down to why honey, matcha powder, and tea tree oil are amazing ingredients for your skin!

Honey is....

- antimicrobial: basically, this will help to prevent acne on your face
- anti inflammatory aka will help bring down any redness the heat has induced onto your skin
- full of antioxidants which may help reduce the signs of aging and give your skin a glowing boost

Did you know that Ancient Egyptians used to offer honey to their gods, as well as use it as an embalming liquid? So honey is pretty sweet! (yes, that was an awful pun). Use a local, raw honey for best results!

Matcha is....

- full of catechins which will trap and release free radicals from your skin aka a super powerful antioxidant
- is also anti inflammatory
- a great replacement for vitamin C in skincare, as vitamin C can irritate those with sensitive skin

Besides being a tasty drink and great way to get some great antioxidants into your system via drinking, your skin will absorb just as much (if not more) of those great little dudes!

Tea tree essential oil is....

- a great antimicrobial is well, and may help treat with fungus
- a possible soother in terms of skin's allergic reactions
- a topical antiseptic and can be used on wounds to clean them

I love tea tree oil! However, you do need a carrier oil to dilute the essential oil. For this face mask, I preferred to use a pump of my DHC Olive Virgin Oil. 

Olive oil is....

- packed with anti-aging antioxidants
- extremely moisturizing
- lightweight (for the DHC brand specifically)
- widely available 

You want to make sure you're using either an olive oil from a skincare brand like the one I've chosen, or choose extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Basically, all of the products you would use in cooking (honey, matcha, and olive oil or your carrier oil of choice), should be food grade.

Can I use coconut oil?...

Yes, you can! I used it with the first round of trying out this face mask, but I had a lot more dripping with coconut oil than I did with the DHC Olive Virgin Oil.

Wait, dripping?!

Yes, due to the natural way these products move, gravity has an effect on them and they do drip! However, this is easy to fix by applying the mask and just staying over a towel or a sink and let any excess drip onto your chosen surface.

For the face mask recipe...


- 1 tbsp of raw, local honey
- 1 pump (or roughly 1-2 tsp) of your carrier oil of choice
- 1 tsp of matcha powder
- 2-5 drops of tea tree essential oil

Mix together...

And apply a generous layer all over your face! Again, this mask will drip, so do this in an area where it's fine! Let the mask work it's magic for 10-20mins!

When you're ready to take this mask off, simply wet a clean wash cloth with warm water, and with gentle, down-ward strokes, remove the mask, and revel in your clean, moisturized, and refreshed skin!

Do you use any of these magical ingredients for any other sort of DIY skincare? I'd love to know!