Hi loves! I went to a planning craft session at my local Michael's today. It was a lot of fun! We made a dashboard (which I'll show you in my next planner related post), and I met some really lovely ladies who's planners looked so amazing and creative! I didn't bring all of my planner goodies with me, but next month I definitely will be!

However, I realized I've never fully shared a lot of my planner on my blog, even though it literally runs my day-to-day life and I can't imagine being without it. So, I figured I'd start off with a brief introduction to my planner and in the future, maybe do a plan with me (PWM, for short).

As I've shared before at the beginning of 2017, I purchased a new Happy Planner, which I've been fairly dedicated to planning in since. It definitely fits my planner needs, and in the past few months, I've gotten pretty creative with my spreads.

Glitter washi has been a big feature in my planner recently- it totally elevates the game! It also just looks so pretty. I've also recently taken to planning chronologically, and with more white space than I used to leave before.

Making new color themes have been easier than before, and planning isn't taking as long, nor was it as stressful as it was before. 

Sundays are my days to plan, so I love to sit down, pull out my stickers, washi, and to-do lists I've compiled, and make it all look super pretty in my planner for the next week! What a joy planning has brought to my life! 

With Michael's hosting the monthly planner-based classes (and apparently a few more during the week too!), I'm really excited to meet more planner gals (and guys!) in the months to come. If you're visiting from the class, hi! It was so lovely to meet you all ♥

I'll end this post with a few recent PWMs from some of my fave planner gals! 

I love STICKWITHMEshop's planning style- she's actually the one who got me thinking I should start planning chronologically!

Sherry (I think this is how she spells it!) has such a nice way of planning too. She has inspired me to try hand lettering!

And of course, Jenna of PlanningRoses has been my fave for over a year now ♥ She is the one who initially got me interested into planning, although it was a while before I actually started to plan!

Do you plan? Are you a fan of decorating or just simple lettering?

PS: Bear with me while I figure out my layout! It's gotten a tiny bit wonky, but I'm working on it? Do you also like the new watercolor header?