Wet n' Wild Liquid Catsuit Review

Hi again! Today I'm bringing you a review of some liquid lipsticks I've had for a while, and even took pictures of for this review long ago. Just never got around to editing and posting them, I suppose! Since I'm trying to blog more, I hope y'all don't mind me sharing this older review + swatches (my opinions on the products still stand!)

I'm a huge lover of affordable drugstore makeup, especially since drugstores have been really upping their game recently in the quality of their cosmetic products! Wet n' Wild has always been a huge fave of mine, and they're also cruelty-free, trendy, and have increased their product range like crazy recently! What a plus ♥

So when I saw these liquid lipsticks, I couldn't resist picking a few up!

The packaging + applicators are reminiscent of the liquid lip packaging from Sugarpill. I've heard they also look like Jeffree Star liquid lip packaging too, but as I do not (and will not ever) own any of that brand's products, I only have my own experience from Sugarpill packaging to go off of.

I love these color names, they make me laugh so much! Goth Topic is the most hilarious one for me.

Here's a picture of my bare lips for comparison (sorry they look dry):

I have fairly pigmented lips already, and most days I don't feel the need to wear any colored lip products since my lips look rather pink already!

As you can see, however, Nudie Patootie totally nudes out my lips! Sure, this color washes me out and makes me look dead, but I'm really impressed by the coverage and find this to be a great color to lighten up other lips!

Rebel Rose is a beautiful, everyday color for me. It almost matches my natural lip color exactly.

Flame of the Game went on rather streaky- and while it is a beautiful orange-y red color, it almost looks neon in different lighting. It's a fun color though, something to really change up your look! This was only one coat, so I would suggest applying maybe two to get the full coverage.

Last, but not least, is Goth Topic, which I really love. It's similar to their deepest color in their matte lipsticks which is called Vamp It Up, and I love it. I'm so happy this is in a liquid lip format now!

As for longevity, these liquid lips did rather well for being $5 each. They did come off when I ate or drank a lot, and I did notice some feathering as they wore on around the 4+hr mark. But again- for $5? Not bad!

This was during my process of going from dark, dark brown hair to blonde! So ignore how strange the color is haha

Have you tried these yet? Which colors are your fave?