Hi everyone! 

As you know, I've moved to Colorado from Washington, and I dearly miss my friends and family. Although we are connected by the internet and talk daily, I still miss my best friends Reida and Jordan. 

I used to see Jordan daily (we worked together) and Reida around twice a month- so I really do miss them!

Luckily, I found a cheap and easy way to keep their beautiful faces around me all the time- a cheap, easy, double-sided picture keychain!

Aside from this being ridiculously easy and cheap, this will not only make a great memento, but a great gift!

What you'll need:

- Empty picture keychain (I got mine from Daiso, but Amazon has some cheap ones!)
- Pictures of your choice
- Scissors

The great thing about these are that you can add two pictures into them!

I chose to use some older purikura that I had of me and my girls- so I can flip my keychain over and see either of them!

You'll want to cut out your pictures- I used to the clear cover that pushes the pictures down in the keychain to help me trace the size I needed, and adjusted as needed.

Put your pictures in, push the cover back on- et voila! So easy and so cute! Now you can put it on your keys, or I like to attach USB drives to it that will stay around my computer so I don't lose them ♥

What do you do to remind yourself of home and loved ones?