Hi loves ♥

I can't believe we are halfway through July! Since relocating to Colorado, everything seems to start early and end early- school is no exception. Since I am a nanny to my cousins, I'm hyper-aware of when school starts- we only have a month left until they go back! I feel like they just got out of school. However, since going back to school season will be upon my family soon, I've gotten into the idea that a few back to school posts wouldn't go amiss here or there.

Today, I was perusing my local Target (surprise, right?), and I couldn't help but see things like planners, pencil pouches, and backpacks being displayed front and center. This got me thinking- what would I do to jazz up my school supplies, and more importantly- what would I bring with me to school? 

Let's start with 2 super easy ways to spruce up some basic stationary.

We all need a pencil sharpener, so why not take a 50cent one and wrap some washi tape around it to make it yours? Not only will you be able to cover up any unsightly labels, but you will definitely recognize your sharpener when you see it. This works for pens, pencils, calculators, books, and notebooks!

Speaking of notebooks...

Use a notebook as a planner! Now, you'll know that I love to plan, but for someone on a budget, maybe a $15-$80 (yes! $80! I am looking at you, Erin Condren) for a planner may just not really fit in. Instead, you can grab a $2 notebook, and with some washi, pens, markers, stickers- or really just anything you have to hand, you can create an easy and pretty planner to help organize your days!

I also picked up this fold-able wallet at Target. I figured it would be easy for those of you who have bus passes or metro cards to slip it in and hook it to your bag for easy scanning access! It's also just great for those of you who don't have space for a huge wallet and can make do with a few cards, as well as a big of space for a few keys.

My last essentials for school would be hand sanitizer to keep you healthy and clean, lotion for dry cuticles and hands, chapstick for soothing uncomfortable chapped lips, and a big bottle for water since it's so easy to get dehydrated during school!

Well, there's a few of my school essentials. Of course, it's been a couple years since I was in school, but these are the types of things I would bring with me!

What back to school essentials are in your backpack?