Wow... This post is gonna be kinda long, but I think you all know how much I love making little lists. I was pondering what kind of post I could attempt to write for this weekend, mulling over a few ideas with my best friend, Reida, and she suggested I try out writing about why blogging is important to me and how it's affected my life.

She's so smart, guys. I can't believe I'd never thought of that before.

So let's just jump in!

1. It's easy to write on a computer...

Writing has always been cathartic for me, but journaling was and still is a struggle for me. I can't just sit down with my pen pressed to the paper and just write. I used to think it meant I was some sort of failure as a writer, but I just realized that my medium for writing is naturally electronic! Just because an artist prefers oil paints over acrylic, it doesn't mean her art has lost it's potential to be as bright as anyone else's!

2... but it's been a struggle for me to prioritize

Which sounds like a silly reason, but it's important- I'm investing time and money into my blog, so why am I not actually posting or doing more blog related things? All I dream about is making my blog grow and benefit my readers! Learning to prioritize my blog is making me more passionate about it.

3. It is a creative outlet

Like I said, writing is cathartic, but it also is a way for me to get my creativity out! I love beautiful things (who doesn't?) and to create a beautiful flatlay- oh, the absolute satisfaction I get from it.

4. I get to see other opinions

A big part of blogging is reading other blogs- duh! I read to see what people think and are doing. I'm super nosy, but I think being a blogger and a blog reader means you've silently admitted this. I love seeing why people like the things they like, or do the things they do. I love getting exposed to other ways of thinking.

5. The relationships

I'm beginning to think I'm not single, nor will ever be. All of the beautiful babes who blog and shower each other with love are people who I consider myself to love and cherish! My best friend, Reida, is someone who has been supportive since the beginning. I love her with all my heart- I can't feel single with amazing people like her around.

6. The excitement!

I get so excited when I see that people have been visiting my blog, or have left a comment! I love seeing my fave blogs update, and I'm excited to know that one day I might get to work with brands I love because of my blog! 

7. My blog gives me a purpose

I suffer heavily with depression and anxiety- having my blog as reminder of what I can contribute gives me a purpose. I can wake up, and think "because of my blog and social media presence, I have people who want to talk to me". It's comforting. It's supporting. It's freeing.

8. I learn every time I log on!

I love to learn- this is a fact about me that has been true since I was born. I am someone who is always wanting to learn something- a tidbit, a skill, or get a whole history lesson on The Sacred Band of Thebes (seriously! This was so interesting!). I watched an amazing documentary last night about sixgill sharks- and I loved every minute of it! I'm in complete awe of anything I learn and I feel so lucky to be able to learn. The same feeling erupts from my heart when I learn a new blog tip, or how to engage on social media more. 

9. I stay in contact with my friends and family

As you may know, I moved to Colorado almost three (!!) months ago, leaving all of my close family and friends behind. I'd never lived anywhere besides Seattle. My blog allows my family and friends to see how I'm doing, and what else is going on in my life. It also allows me to "see" friends I haven't for a long time, like my friend Kim, who also blogs over at simply being kim!

How long will I be blogging you ask? FOREVER

10. It just is

Blogging has gotten to the point for me where I see it heavily involved in my future. I make friends via blogging. I experience new things based on other's recommendations in their blogs. I have been able to escape temporarily from really tough times via my blog, and get the mental breaks I need to survive. 

What are your reasons for blogging? Why is it so important to you?