All day today was I grooving and jiving to a genre of music I discovered a few months back while looking for just that right kind of music... And in my search, I found yé-yé

 Now, yé-yé is a genre that emerged during the 1960's in southern European countries, inspired by music that emerged around the same time in Britain, namely with The Beatles as the major inspiration. Many French singers popularized it, so of course big Twiggy eyes, short mini skirts, and those 60's spy movies should come to mind when you're listening to it!

France Gall and Francoise Hardy are my favorites of all the artists I've listened to so far, but even Brigitte Bardot added to the musical styling of the time.

I absolutely love this song, as it introduced me to yé-yé, and it's easy enough for me to emulate, as someone who cannot speak French beyond merci, bonjour, and pardon (a word I used frequently in Paris).

If I were you, Francoise Hardy is an artist worth really exploring. Her soft French crooning really sets the perfect mood for wistfully holding a cup of strong tea, staring out a window at a gloomy, grey day and wonder about the future and ponder the past.

This is a new song for me, but it really does emulate the style of heading to a beach and jiving on top of a surfboard right at the edge of the water! I discovered this from the album Les yéyés, which is a great start for anyone who wants to really get a taste for this music!

As a Japanese American (aka a hafu, in my case), with my only real exposure to music being either of English or Japanese speaking varieties, I so enjoy finding different genres from different cultures, languages, and the like! Truly, it is an exciting discovery, even if I'm probably the last person to know of it.

While it is upbeat most of the time, I can justify this French playlist with one simple question: who does Fall better than the French? 

Have you ever listened to yé-yé music? Any recommendations for me?