This week is going to be a little slim for posting for me since I have my exams coming up! One for this Thursday and one on the following Monday. I'm really nervous and hope I pass well!

Anyways, it's crunch time in terms of studying, and without these mixes, I would've gotten sooooo bored! A key study tip is to listen to music without vocals while you study- this helps your brain focus with nice BGM, but not get distracted by what any voices might be saying. 

Lo-fi or jazz is always my top pick. Disclaimer: lo-fi will typically have a few words here or there, but it's not a constant stream of vocals. In fact, some have added cafe sounds, which will help your mind really allocate the music as BGM instead of trying to entirely focus on the music.

This mix is 2hrs long- perfect for what I consider to be an average length study session.

I love Ghibli anything, so obviously the jazz cafe covers of the famous themes has to make this list! This rings it at around 3hrs, perfect for longer study sessions.

Another Ghibli- I know! I did say I loved it, didn't I? This mix is 1hr, and I find it helps me when I'm reading.

I love, love this mix! At just under 45mins, it's perfect for a quick studying session.

There are endless amounts of study mixes (some are even 24/hr streams). I find these essential when studying- regardless of where I'm at or what I'm studying.

What kind of music do you listen to when you study?

xo, Kassidy ♥