A long absence- but again, various changes have happened in my life. I am now living in Idaho, comfortable and safe with my loving and caring grandma. I'm looking into several business opportunities, studying for one, and researching for another. All of these are exciting, new prospects that really only have one way to go- up.

I know, I know- January is almost over. However, it's not too late to make a fresh start, is it? This is why I've made 5 general goals to follow for 2018.

My goals and resolutions for this year are truly goals I never thought I would make at the age, position, and location I'm in, but here I am. 

1. Research and possibly turn my blog into an LLC

This is something I've wanted to do since I first learned you could make blogging a business! Now, with an opportunity that is really only a few weeks off, it makes more sense than ever to really decide if becoming an LLC is something that's right for me. I have a big feeling it will be something I do sooner rather than later this year, but I still want to put a lot of thought and time into the research beforehand- and possibly get some legal advice before I do so.

2. Set up a beautiful home office

This is truly a goal- and one my grandma is going to help me achieve by transitioning the craft room to a different area of the house. I am in a position where working from home is going to be a fortunate opportunity! As exciting as this project is, I wouldn't be able to really implement any plans until April, but that isn't too far off, and gives me a lot of time to peruse Pinterest boards. Do any of your fave social media influencers have pictures of their home offices you'd like to share?

3. Continuously study

My new job (actually, it's a career- eek!) is one where the industry is continuously changing and there are a multitude of ways for me to better myself. This includes my initial studying and training, as well as gaining further qualifications to try and stay ahead of the game. 

4. Hire private tutors

Since studying will now be apart of my daily life, once I get into the rhythm and amass the funds, I would love to hire a private tutor via online to help me gain new levels in Japanese as well as ASL and Spanish. Becoming a polyglot is a huge dream of mine, and taking the steps this year to do so will be a leg up in my career, personal, and future life.

5. Take care of myself

This isn't the usual promotion of self-love I like to make (which is equally important). I've neglected having regular doctor's visits, chiropractor appointments, and counseling based on not having the funds. This year, I truly and earnestly want to get into taking care of my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Financially, the door is opening and will be wide open. The next step will be making those appointments, getting a gym membership, eating healthy, and checking in with a counselor and massage therapist regularly. My career could allow me to have an unlimited amount of sick leave and vacation days, but if I'm not sick, I truly would rather be working! Taking care of me will ensure I can take care of everything and everyone else that is vital to me.

There they are- my generalized resolutions. I do have specific goals, including some that are broken down, step by step. However, those would be too technical for me to write out to share on the internet!

What goals do you have that will guide you to an inspiring and fulfilling 2018?